What size rings do you offer?

Most of our rings come in sizes 4-9. If there is a specific ring and it is out of stock send us an email. Many times we maybe able to produce a ring with your particular size. 

What size necklace do you offer?

In order to make sure our necklaces fit we offer them at 16inch with an extender that allows them to be 18 inches. If the necklace is a layering piece with a larger stone or pendant the size of the necklace will be noted in the listing. Those usually vary between 20-22 inches. Again, if there is a size you want and you do not see it, Reach out to us so we can accommodate you. 

What size bracelets do you offer?

Most of our bracelets come in size 6- 6.5 inches (small), 7- 7.5 inches (medium), and 8-8.5 inches (large). All measurements will be noted in each of the descriptions. Fixed measurements are mostly for our clip bracelets while 7.5 inches is the usual measurement for our stretch bracelets. Clip bracelets come with an extra extension piece to help you attain a more comfortable fit. If you need a specific size please let us know in the comments in your order. We will work to make your piece the right fit for you. If you are unsure of what size try to find a bracelet you like and measure it with a ruler. Depending on the measurement you attain you can best choose which of the sizes will fit you the best. Again any questions, reach out to us so that we can help you. Our stone bracelets are made to order and unfortunately are not returnable. We want you to be happy with your jewelry and your purchase we know that this is an investment. SO please reach out to us and let us work with you to get the size that you want correct. 

*All our clasp bracelets are made with extra links to help extend the bracelet and to offer the perfect fit for your wrist. So if your wrist for example measures 6.3 order the 6” and it will come with .5 extra in links. The bracelets are measured from the tip of clasp down to the first link and then .5 additional link is added. 

*All stretch bracelets are a general 7.5” and have some stretch to them. If you need a smaller or larger size just reach out to us and we will make it for you. 

Again, please make sure that you measure your size and use the guide when ordering as wrists vary greatly. 

How to measure: There are various ways to measurement.

*You can use a soft measuring tape to find the actual measurement of your wrist.

*You can also take a piece of paper wrap it around your wrist and mark it. Then take a ruler and lay it flat across the paper to get the measurement.

*You can take a piece of string and wrap it around your wrist cut it and lay it flat. Take a ruler and then measure with that. 

What Materials do you use for your bracelets?

All our bracelets are made of components that are either gold-filled or sterling silver. Our stretch bracelets are made switch the strongest elastic we have available. We use only top quality beads to ensure they will not chip, flake or potentially change colors. We have time tested this to ensure that this does not happen. 

My bracelet broke, now what

We’re sorry that your bracelet broke. If it is a defect on our part we will gladly fix it. If it is determined to be based on normal wear and tear or if your bracelet got caught and broke we will be happy to fix it for you. Please email us so that we can provide instructions on shipping the item back to us. You will be responsible for shipping and re-wiring fees we may need to use.