How long does it take for my order to be made and shipped?

This is a small business (just me working). While I try my hardest to get orders out as quickly as possible (some within the same day or next) many things can affect the time it takes for me to produce and ship your item. Please allow me a week to get the order out to you (though again many times it will be much quicker). Your item will be delivered depending on the postal service. That is something that once it leaves my hands I unfortunately don’t have control over. You will receive an email which will include your tracking information. 

Please double check and make sure that your shipping address is correct. If there is an error contact me as soon as you see it. 

My items says delivered but I don’t have it. Now What?

This can happen. While unfortunate it does happen. Please check your shipping address to make sure that the shipping address on the label was correct. If correct, please give your package an additional 48 hours to see if the postal service will deliver it. If you have neighbors maybe check with them to make sure that your package wasn’t accidentally delivered to the wrong address. If your item still hasn’t arrived within the 48 hours reach out to your local postal service with your tracking number. File a missing package claim. Most times they are able to track and find your package.