Questions & Answers

We use the highest-quality metals we can find. Most of our jewelry is 14k gold-filled, 10-14kt solid gold, and sterling silver. The listing will show more information as this varies depending on the piece you are looking at. Most of our suppliers of raw materials and produced cast pieces are sourced from the USA. Most of our components are also from other small businesses. Your purchase helps us continue to support other small business. 

Q: Will my jewelry tarnish?

A: All metals have the capability of tarnishing. However, some tarnish at a much slower rate. This varies greatly depending on many different factors and how well the piece is taken care of. There are ways to keep your jewelry looking nice and shiny. When you are not using your jewelry store it in a dry and air-tight plastic sleeve. If your jewelry has tarnish marks or some oxidation signs use a micro-abrasive polishing pad or a quick rinse with some toothpaste and baking soda will restore the jewelry to its natural shiny appearance. Always try to avoid oils, perfumes, soaps, and other harsh chemicals which will ultimately interact with the medals and cause them to tarnish.

Q: Difference between Gold-filled and Solid gold

A: Gold-filled SHOULD NOT be compared to vermeil or gold plated. Gold-filled is tarnish resistant (WITH proper care) and durable. Unlike gold plated which is painted on and will chip, flake, and wear off gold-filled will not. Gold filled is a great alternative that is just as beautiful as gold but for a much more economical price. With proper care gold filled will last as long as gold. However, gold-filled does not have the same color as gold when you are wearing gold next to it. If you are going to add gold-filled to gold jewelry the gold-filled will stand out because it will have a different appearance. Gold-filled will have a “pinkish” appearance because of the core medal. Gold-filled is made by pressure bonding gold on each side to a core medal (zinc and copper). Gold-filled contains 100 times more gold than plated jewelry.

Sterling SIlver 

Sterling silver is considered a soft and durable silver. Most silver is comprases of 92.5% silver with 7.5% copper or another metal of choice.