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I am not really good at writing and blog posts seem very intimidating. But as with everything in life that doesn’t come easy. I will have to work on it a bit so that I can see the fruits. I guess the first post should have an introduction about me and my brand. I have always wanted to own a store I just didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do. I had an idea about four years ago. I just didn’t know where to start. So for an entire year I worked in saving my money and investing in jewerly supplies. Still without any direction. I began to think what I wanted it to be called. I knew it would be a Catholic jewelry shop. I started to get more serious about my planning.

The One Simple Life came to mind. Especially beacuse at that time many of us were starting to understand how much we undervalued the simplicity of our lives. It got me thinking we have one life. This ONE LIFE is all we have. When the pandemic hit and everyone was at home all we wanted was that one simple life. We missed the everyday things we used to do. The SIMPLICITY of it all. So the name The One Simple Life came to mind. I wanted to my motto to be “Live is simply but live it fully. The One Simple LIfe.”


I knew that I did not want to have a lot of statement pieces. I love simple things when it comes to jewelry. I love nature and it is a constant theme throughout my shop. Catholic jewelry that holds a modern yet vintage appeal. Simplistic designs that can either be dressed up or down. This isn’t just jewelry this is a way to further your devotion and increase your prayer life. Perfect gifts for the sacraments. Those are my goals when it comes to my designs. 

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