Happy Feast of St. John Chrysostom

Have you seen our collection of nature. Some of those pieces are inspired by St. John Chrysostom. Catholic gifts with meaning are perfect everyday reminders to live a liturgical holy life. Do you know someone who is bold to speak even though they know they may cause some people to feel uncomfortable? You know the expression the truth hurts. The truth is always something that we need to hear. We can not grow in sanctity if people do not push us to that growth. September 13, we celebrate St. John Chrysostom. He was known for speaking against what was wrong. He was also known for how eloquent he spoke. I must confess I am not well spoken and this is what causes me to be afraid to speak. Add in fear of judgement from others and you can have a train wreck. Although, they say admitting it is the first step. This is my first step at admitting it. I have promised myself to do better in the respect of educating myself enough to where I can speak out against things that are wrong.

Back to St. John Chrysostom, it was at the age of 18 that he experienced a religious conversion and his story began. It would be three years after the beginning of his interest in the bible that his mother would pass away. This would lead him to join the monks in the mountains. And shortly after (four years later) he would move to a cave to live his life as a hermit.

His story doesn't end there. A few years later after living alone he returned to Antioch. Others quickly saw what a biblical scholar he was. At the age of 39 he was ordained a priest. He quickly saw how greed and lust infected society. Yet, he lived a simple life. Giving all his wealth over for the construction of hospitals. As well as, reforming the clergy and the city. He was a champion of charity and justice. This however lead to problems as he angered the empress named Eudoxia. John was exiled and quickly impeached. Sadly he died en route. A powerful prophet he was not afraid to speak no matter the cost.



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